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The finest arena curling facility in North Dakota

Hazen Curling Club

Every Week we would like if you would show up 30 minutes early to help prepare the ice for play.

Ice Preparation

When the zamboni is done, start to mop the sheets, getting all the snow off the ice, even if it is outside the sheet area.

As soon as possible, start setting the hacks. Thirty seconds of only the metal part in the water. Center the hack and stand on it until water starts to form around the metal.  Place two rocks on the hacks to hold down until frozen.

Get all of the rocks on to the ice.  The rocks are marked with the letters A, B, C, and D.  Put the rocks near the corresponding sheet.  “A” being the sheet on the west end, and “D” being the sheet on the east end.

Get the scoreboards out as well as the brooms and sliders.

When pebbling is done with the second pass on two sheets start running the rocks over the ice.  Make two passes with the rocks over the pebbled ice. Make two passes with the mop after the rocks.

Then start curling!

Before the start of the second games, the sheets need to be pebbled again.

After the games remove rocks, hacks and scoreboards. Place hacks in the rubber maid tubs and place in

electrical room. Put all equipment in storage under the bleachers and lock them up.

Be sure to dispose of all empty cans!

*Make sure you have clean shoes and only use the entrance on the west side of the rink.